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At the end of 2019, leading digital commerce specialist Astound Commerce launched a new office in Ahmedabad, India, supporting the company’s rapid expansion and further strengthening the skill set of its workforce. “Most IT [information technology] companies trust India when it comes to outsourcing because of the country’s strong IT sector,’’ says Deep Vora, Director and Senior Solution Architect at Astound Commerce Ahmedabad.

Located in Mondeal Heights, an Ahmedabad business landmark, the office is close to prominent residential and commercial hubs and serves as a symbol of innovation and opportunity.


Boasting a well-rounded group of talented web developers, solution architects, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) developers, quality assurance (QA) engineers, and human resource (HR) and recruitment specialists, the Ahmedabad team leverages teamwork, innovation, expertise, and experience to drive the digital revolution across Asia and the world. And committed to continuous improvement, the team is always working toward expanding their expertise by welcoming new members and offering comprehensive training and certification programs.

Collaborating with peers from around the world, the team works on developing digital commerce ecosystems that generate enormous value for visionary brands, including L’Oréal, Under Armour, El Palacio de Hierro, Boohoo, Halfords, and Crocs. The wealth of opportunities and challenges allows them to explore breakthrough technologies and solutions inspired by the dynamic digital world.


Based in 14 different countries and with more than 1,500 employees across Europe, Asia, North America, and South America, Astound understands the importance of a diverse workforce, making every effort to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels recognized and appreciated.

“I work with a lot of people from different cultures and have, as a result, learned to see things from different perspectives,” says Deep. “My way of approaching problems has improved, and I am able to imagine many different scenarios.

The Ahmedabad team values trust and collaboration and has continued to deliver exceptional work despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“As much as it generally is challenging to establish a strong sense of community and cooperation during the pandemic, Astound Commerce shows genuine interest and support in our well-being, resulting in successful teamwork,’’ states Juhi Trivedi, Web Developer at Astound Commerce Ahmedabad.

Moreover, to Astound, the health and happiness of its employees are paramount, with the company offering flexible work arrangements—remote, in-office, or a combination of the two— and flexible work schedules to help employees achieve personal and professional harmony.

“With Astound, I can create a schedule most suitable for my personal and professional needs,” Juhi continues. “This flexibility allows me to balance work and life very well; sometimes I’m even surprised how many things I can get done during the day!”

For an inside look at the Astound life, visit the company’s Instagram page.


“The working culture Astound Commerce offers yields great benefits for both personal and professional growth,’’ says Ronak Pandya, HR and Recruitment Specialist at Astound Commerce Ahmedabad.

Prioritizing the professional growth of its employees, Astound offers countless opportunities for each team member to enhance their skill set, including training and certification programs, career progression, mentoring and knowledge sharing, professional language lessons, and more.

“The performance review and promotion process at Astound Commerce are good opportunities to dive deeper into JavaScript and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and a cross-cultural exchange of knowledge on these technologies helps to broaden one’s horizon,” says Udit Shastri, Senior Web Developer at Astound Commerce Ahmedabad.

When it comes to building revolutionary ecommerce ecosystems, the Ahmedabad team utilizes various software technologies, including SFCC. And with more than 15 years of Salesforce experience, Astound is proud of its vast team of SFCC-certified developers, encouraging and supporting those who want to become certified and hosting knowledge-sharing webinars aimed at uniting IT specialists from across the globe.

Aside from educational webinars, the company offers expert-led training programs, including QA engineering and JavaScript boot camps, that focus on providing candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to upgrade their expertise or break into the exhilarating world of tech.

In the short time since joining Astound Commerce, the Ahmedabad team has proven an invaluable part of Astound’s global success and progress, designing innovative ecommerce ecosystems for globally recognized brands and actively welcoming new talent to their ranks. And with exceptional benefits, thrilling challenges, and limitless opportunities for growth, the team feels passionate about shaping the future of ecommerce one brilliant solution at a time.

Astound Commerce Ahmedabad is always looking for new members to join its growing team. Visit the Astound Careers page for more information and an always-updated list of available positions.

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