United As One

As a global provider of digital commerce experiences, Astound is a mission-critical partner to its clients. As a company made up of a diverse team of exceptional individuals, right now our mission-critical work is and will be to our people. In support of our brave Ukrainian teammates, we are working tirelessly as one united front to ensure they remain safe and well.

Taking Action in Support of Our People

  1. Providing relocation, transportation, and housing to and in western Ukraine, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, and other out-of-country locations to employees and their families
  2. Activated our dedicated SpaceX Starlink communication networks and enhanced internet support, including satellite-based internet in offices, satellite phones, and connectivity backup systems powered by emergency generators to maintain infrastructure stability and enable non-stop communications
  3. Secured additional office space in Uzhhorod to accommodate our people who are continuing to relocate to western Ukraine
  4. Supplying first aid and emergency guidelines to our employees and their families
  5. Offering mental health and stress support available 24/7 for all our employees, regardless of their location
  6. Providing financial support to those called to military duty and those who are unable to work

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