An Open Call to Ukrainians Who Have Lost the Opportunity to Work

Author: Astound Careers

As the attack on Ukraine by Russia escalates, many displaced Ukrainians are losing their livelihoods, facing potentially devastating and lasting financial, emotional, and health implications. In response, Astound Commerce is continuing efforts to recruit within and outside Ukraine. As a global digital commerce specialist, we are committed to the long-term economic development of Ukraine. This effort is essential as the war continues by supporting the country’s economy through tax revenue and helping the country rebuild in the future. Most importantly, Astound looks to provide a glimmer of hope to those who have lost the opportunity to work.

Astound’s ties to Ukraine run deep, with three Ukrainian founders and a significant Ukraine-based team established in 2006 and revered by its peers across 38 other countries. The shocking onslaught by Russia has driven the company to work round-the-clock in pursuit of our top priority: the safety and well-being of our people. Efforts included establishing a Business Continuity Planning Leadership Team working from Ukraine to offer support to our Ukrainian teammates regarding relocation, communications, connectivity, financial services, personal safety, and more.

In full support of Ukraine, Astound’s efforts extend beyond our team members by ceasing all work with internal and external contractors and clients based in Belarus and Russia and creating JustGiving pages for three nonprofit organizations providing critical humanitarian aid to those affected by the war. You can read more on our efforts to support Ukraine here.

Met with incredible hardship, many Ukrainians are worried about their futures, seeking a way forward and a sense of security, belonging, and purpose. Astound hopes to assist those who have lost employment achieve some form of stability and encourages Ukrainians with a background in technology to apply to join our global team, whether candidates are in a safe location within Ukraine or have relocated out of their country. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by submitting their resumes in English here.

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